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Home Inspection, Radon, and Chinese Drywall Update 10/20/2012
October 20th, 2012 4:13 PM
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Kross Inspectors
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Chinese Drywall Update 10/20/2012

As we approach the end of 2012, many are wondering.....Are we beyond the Chinese Drywall Problem yet??


No, we are not.  Our Chinese Drywall Hotline still receives many phone calls from concerned Home Buyers every day concerned about the potential of purchasing a home with Chinese Drywall.  Their concerns are well founded.  Kross Inspectors is still identifying an average of 2 homes per week as being POSITIVE for containing problem drywall. 


Although this is a considerable difference compared to the same time period in 2009 when we were identifying an average of 20 homes per week as being POSITIVE, it still shows there is a risk for Home Buyers when considering homes built between 2001 and today.


One major concern among home buyers calling our Chinese Drywall Hotline is about homes which have been "remediated" for the problem.  As the leader in the Home Inspection industry by being the FIRST company to offer Chinese Drywall Inspections in 2008, Kross Inspectors offers the following answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Home Buyers when considering purchasing a home that has been remediated for Chinese Drywall:


"I am considering purchasing a home that was remediated for Chinese Drywall.  Can your Inspection tell me if the property no longer contains any Chinese Drywall?"


Yes.  If we incorporate laboratory testing of ALL the installed drywall, we can provide you with a guarantee that the property does not contain any problem drywall.  Of course, the expense in doing so woul

d be cost prohibitive as the average home contains over 200 sheets of drywall and laboratory testing fees average $100 per sample.  This is why we ALWAYS recommend to obtain documentation from the seller or contractor that performed the remediation project with photographic proof and a statement that shows 100% of the property's drywall was replaced.  (Note:  This documentation should be signed off by an objective Inspector which does NOT have any financial interest in the subject property and should show ALL the steps taken during the remediation process.)


What can your Inspection tell me about a property that has been remediated for Chinese Drywall?


Our Inspection will tell you if there are "symptoms" of Problem Drywall present as of the present date.  Our Inspection will declare the property as being "POSITIVE" or "NEGATIVE" for containing Problem Drywall based on the conditions observed by the Inspector.  However, we will still recommend that the user of our Inspection Report rely upon the independent third party documentation provided by the Seller prior to making a decision about purchasing the property.  (Common sense tells everyone that if an Inspector did not personally observe that 100% of the drywall was replaced, he/she can NEVER give a guarantee that the problem will not resurface at a future date.)


The Seller has provided Permits from the local building department showing that a Chinese Drywall Remediation has been performed.  Is that sufficient proof that the property was remediated properly?



NO.  The local building department will provide Inspections only to confirm the project was completed according to local building code.  They WILL NOT provide any statements or documentation as to whether ALL the problem drywall was removed from the property.  







To view more Frequently Asked Questions about Chinese Drywall Remediation, CLICK HERE.  


In a nutshell, it is ALWAYS recommended to obtain third party documentation from a reputable and experienced Inspector which shows 100% of the drywall was replaced on ANY property known to have been affected by Chinese Drywall.  


Don't take chances!  Contact Kross Inspectors for a FREE consultation before considering purchasing or selling a remediated property!  


Call (239) 677-4403

Email: Info@krossinspectors.com






Radon In Florida???

We do live in Paradise, but many Home Buyers from Northern States assume Florida does not have a Radon problem. 


WRONG!  Radon is present EVERYWHERE. Not only is Radon everywhere, the Florida Department of Health reports that based on their data, 1 out of every 5 homes in Florida contains elevated levels of Radon



To Find Out More CLICK HERE or Call Our Radon Division at

(239) 677-4421



Why Kross Inspectors?

Reasons to Choose Kross Inspectors

  1. Licensed Home Inspectors
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  3. All Inspectors Certified by InterNACHI
  4. Appointments Available With Only 24 Hours Notice.
  5. Reports Delivered ON SITE
  6. Superior Customer Service (Phones Answered by a LIVE person daily from 8am until 8pm)

And many more reasons.  CLICK HERE to find out more about Kross Inspectors, including how to receive $50 OFF your Inspection Fee!!



Call (239) 677-4403 or

Email: Info@krossinspectors.com

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