As you know by reviewing the FACTS about Radon, you now realize it is a serious problem of which many people face every year. 

citizens guide to radon

We encourage all of our Clients and Referral Partners to review the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) site, "A Citizens Guide to Radon" by CLICKING HERE. (Please disable your popup blocker to view the page.)

Here, we will interpret the EPA's findings on Radon into more layman terms in order to assist you in making informed decisions. 

First of all, Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gaseous element which is emitted from the ground.


Radon gas comes from the decay of radium as part of a long decay process of uranium, which is present in almost all rock, all soil, and all water.  The amount of radon in each of these depends upon the chemistry makeup, which varies from one property location to the next. 

Radon gas typically forms as "pockets" underneath the ground and needs an "escape route" in order to exit from the ground and continue the decay process (dissipation into the atmosphere).


The problem found in residential and commercial buildings is the natural settlement and aging process of building components which create openings or escape routes, but the gases then become trapped within the interior of the home until they are ventilated to the exterior atmosphere. In this phase of the natural progression of Radon, building or home occupants may become exposed to elevated levels of Radon endangering their health. 


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