Our Basic Home Purchase Package not only includes a Full Home Inspection, but also includes a Uniform Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection, and Chinese Drywall Inspection (for homes built since 2001).

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Full Home Inspection:  A comprehensive Inspection of the property.



Wind Mitigation: Verification of certain construction elements and hurricane protection to be forwarded to your insurance company in order to apply insurance premium discounts. 



Chinese Drywall Inspection: A visual inspection of the property based on our comprehensive protocol and experience of inspecting over 15,000 properties for Chinese Drywall.



*Chinese Drywall Inspection is included for homes built since 2001




Four Point Insurance Inspection: Required by most insurance companies when issuing or renewing coverage for homes 30 years or older. A basic reporting of the condition of four elements (roof, plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling).   



*4 Point Inspection is included for homes 30 years or older