Kross Inspectors Chinese Drywall Inspections

Kross Inspectors is the FIRST Inspection firm to offer Chinese Drywall Inspections.  Having performed more drywall inspections than any other firm in the country, our Inspectors have the experience necessary to provide credible and reliable results. 

Our proven inspection protocol used in over 26,000 Inspections involves a comprehensive and invasive, yet NON destructive method of determining whether a home is affected by defective drywall.  We caution consumers in using Inspectors with little or no experience and exposure to defective drywall.  Our Inspectors have received specialized training to aide them in identifying the distinctive symptoms of defective drywall.  On 3/18/2011, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued an updated identification recommendation, "Interim Guidance-Identification of Homes with Corrosion from Problem Drywall-Revision 1".  You may download this new document by clicking HERE.   (Please note that our protocol does provide provisions in which we may recommend removing sample(s) of drywall for laboratory testing. This recommendation can only be made by a qualified Inspector AFTER the visual threshold Inspection has been completed.)

We encourage all potential Home Buyers to avoid the costly mistake of buying a home with defective drywall by hiring a professional Home Inspector with experience in performing comprehensive drywall inspections.  Furthermore, consumers should note that the comprehensive protocol developed and utilized by Kross Inspectors EXCEEDS the minimum recommendations set forth by the CPSC in their interim guidance issued on 3/18/2011.  

CAUTION:  Consumers should beware of Inspectors that do not adhere to updated inspection protocols issued by the CPSC. Many Inspectors using outdated protocols may place consumers at risk of making incorrect decisions about a property! (By not using the most recent guidance issued by the Federal Government, the consumer is placed at risk of not being able to make an informed decision!) 

To find out more, please call our Chinese Drywall Hotline at 1-877-496-4662 or email

Our comprehensive, yet easy to understand drywall reports are used by Home Buyers, Home Owners, Realtors, Insurance Companies, Banks, and Attorneys to aide them in making informed decisions regarding properties affected by defective drywall.   


Some Of The Items We Review:

Copper Evaporator Coils

Copper Evaporator Coils Affected By Problem Drywall

Evaporator Coils

Copper Evaporator Coils Fully Affected By Problem Drywall (These coils could no longer hold the system's refrigerant).

ground wire

Typical Ground Wire Blackened By Problem Drywall

Copper Water Line

Typical Plumbing Water Line Blackened By Problem Drywall

Our experienced Inspectors incorporate many other invasive, yet non destructive methods in order to determine if the home conatains problem drywall.

*Due to the dangers involved, consumers should exercise caution when inspecting components for symptoms of defective drywall.  Always consult a qualified technician or experienced Inspector to inspect air conditioning and electrical components. Equally important is that consumers should recognize that many homes do display symptoms similar to defective drywall.  Only a trained and experienced Inspector can recognize the distinct differences between components affected by gases produced by defective drywall and components affected by natural volatile gases that already exist in many homes.   

If you are considering purchasing Real Estate and/or are concerned that your home may have defective drywall installed, please call our Chinese Drywall Hotline at (877) 496-4662 for a free phone consultation.  You may also fill out the form at the bottom of this page for a response from one of our Inspectors. 

Homeowners may require a Chinese Drywall Inspection for other reasons.  Our Chinese Drywall Inspection reports are used for:

  • Property tax assessment appeals (you must prove that you have Chinese Drywall in order to benefit from the recent law passed that requires local Property Appraisers to lower your home's assessed value to $0, excluding land value)
  • Insurance Claims
  • Federal Lawsuit Participation (Kross Inspectors has performed over 2,000 inspections for law firms)
  • Mortgage Forbearance (Freddie Mac announced on 6/18/2010 that they are directing servicers to consider forbearance for homeowners that are affected by Chinese Drywall)
  • Allowable Income Tax Deductions 

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How reliable are your Chinese Drywall Inspections?

A: Kross Inspectors was the first company in the country to offer Chinese Drywall Inspections.  This was only after months of research and controlled experiments.  Our proprietary inspection protocol exceeds that of the "Interim Guidance-Identification of Homes with Corrosion from Problem Drywall-Revision" issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission on 3/18/2011.

*Consumers should also note that the only 100% accurate method of diagnosing a home as being positive or negative for the presence of problem drywall is through destructive methods.  These methods include removing a sample of each piece of installed drywall, which is then forwarded to an independent laboratory for chamber testing.  Beware of any Inspector that offers a 100% accuracy on results without performing laboratory testing.

Q: How do you inspect for Chinese Drywall?

A: Our Chinese Drywall inspections are very comprehensive and specialized. We incorporate both visual and invasive (yet non destructive) techniques to determine the presence of defective drywall. These techniques include inspection of all visible copper & brass plumbing components, inspection of the air conditioning system, inspection of copper wiring at various locations throughout the home, and a visual inspection of unfinished drywall between walls with specialized equipment. Of course, all of our Inspectors have been exposed to homes with defective drywall installed, therefore they are all familiar with the distinctive odor emitted by the drywall (typically, this is the first warning sign recognized by our Inspectors). For homes that display positive symptoms of defective drywall, further destructive analyzing techniques are available at the Client's discretion. 

Q: How many Chinese Drywall Inspections have you performed?

A: Kross Inspectors has performed over 26,000 Chinese Drywall Inspections since 2008.


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