A warning to Home Owners:  Even though this is great news and a beginning of recovery from this "disaster", it is very important that you protect your own interests!  Please read below about how to ensure your home is properly remediated and how third party documentation can protect you now and in the future. 


Remediation Inspection Services By Kross Inspectors

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As with any type of inspection, we feel it is very unethical for an Inspector to offer to repair any type of defect found in a home.  This practice removes the Inspector from an objective position that does not serve the Client's best interest.  Therefore, Kross Inspectors does not offer any type of repair services to homes found to have defective drywall.  

Kross Inspector has pioneered the Industry with Chinese Drywall Inspections.  Being the First Home Inspection Firm to ever offer Chinese Drywall Inspections and having performed over 26,000 inspections since late 2008, we receive many phone calls and inquiries about remediating Chinese Drywall.  To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please  Click Here.

However, we do offer a very important service to homeowners and investors looking to remediate a property containing Chinese Drywall.  Our Remediation Inspection services provide third party documentation that home owners and sellers can use to provide proof that the property has been remediated for Chinese Drywall.  To receive a consultation from Kross Inspectors, please contact Jim Kreider or Brandon Richardson at (877) 496-4662.  You may also complete the short request form at the bottom of this page for an email response.

Kross Inspectors recommends that Consumers contract a licensed Certified General Contractor for Chinese Drywall Remediation services. Furthermore, it is paramount that consumers obtain a copy of the Contractor's remediation protocol BEFORE signing a contract. You may also contact us for a consultation and review of the Contractor's protocol.

Being the most experienced Chinese Drywall Inspection firm in the country provides consumers with additional layers of protection when it comes to remediating properties with Chinese Drywall.  Benefits of having one of our Inspectors document the remediation process are:

  • Our Inspectors are specifically trained in a comprehensive inspection protocol that will properly document any possible "shortcuts" taken during the process.  These "shortcuts" may place unknowing consumers at risk. Consumers should note that Kross Inspectors has found that approximately 60% of remediated homes FAIL the final inspection and are often not insurable or eligible for a mortgage!
  • An optional part of our Remediation Inspection preserves all required evidence to qualify the homeowner for court case litigation. 
  • All Remediation Inspection documentation is stored for (5) years after completion of the project.  This is valuable for future marketing, refinancing, and insuring of the subject property.
  • Our Remediation Inspection Report is accepted by lenders in order to qualify the property for a mortgage.
  • Our Remediation Inspection Report is accepted by insurance companies to underwrite Homeowner's Insurance.
  • Marketability.  A properly documented remediation project makes the subject property more appealing to consumers.  This helps shorten marketing times and removes the typical "stigma" placed on properties containing Chinese Drywall. 
  • Full Consultation Services are available to help guide and protect consumers throughout the remediation process and ensure proper remediation of affected homes.  

On 3/18/2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) issued "Interim Remediation Guidance for Homes with Corrosion from Problem Drywall".  To receive a copy of this document, please email Info@krossinspectors.com.  Due to the risk involved in remediating a property containing defective drywall and not being able to pass a final "Clearance" Inspection, we offer consulting services to those considering taking on this task. 

If you are a home owner considering remediating a home yourself, or if you are a Contractor considering offering remediation services, please call our Chinese Drywall Hotline at (877) 496-4662 PRIOR to beginning work on a property. 

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