The Environmental Home Purchase Package is ideal for the consumer concerned about possible hidden concerns not readily visible during the initial Inspection which may present long term health hazards.  Protect your family by knowing what is in the air within your home! This package includes all of the services listed below.

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Full Home Inspection: A comprehensive Inspection of the property.



Wind Mitigation: Verification of certain construction elements and hurricane protection to be forwarded to your insurance company in order to apply insurance premium discounts.



Chinese Drywall Inspection: A visual inspection of the property based on our comprehensive protocol and experience of inspecting over 25,000 properties for Chinese Drywall.




*Chinese Drywall Inspection is included for homes built From 2001 through 2010



Four Point Insurance Inspection: Required by most insurance companies when issuing or renewing coverage for homes 30 years or older. A basic reporting of the condition of four elements (roof, plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling).   




*4 Point Inspection is included for homes 30 years or older


Radon Testing: A measurement of the level of Radon gas within the home.

Air Quality Survey: A laboratory report showing mold spore counts as well as identification of types of mold found within air samples taken from the home.