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We truly live in Paradise!  However, Florida still presents many challenges when it comes to dealing with Mother Nature. 

Hurricane season in Florida is from June 1st through November 30th.  During this time, we have to be ready to weather a storm with only a couple days notice!  

A few helpful tips from our experienced team:

        *Review Evacuation Orders Issued By Local Authorities (Kross Inspectors will distribute via email, but it is up to you to remain current by periodically reviewing the watches and warnings issued by the National Hurricane Center.)

        *Gather emergency supplies if you intend to ride out the storm in your home. (For a complete list of recommended supplies, visit FEMA'S PREPARATION SITE.)

        *Protect Your Property.  (Review and Install any Hurricane Protection you have for your property.  If you cannot do this yourself, contact one of our Hurricane Preparation Specialists by completing the short form at the bottom of this page. If you are going to install shutters yourself, it is ALWAYS recommended to perform a "dry run" long before a storm approaches and install all shutters in order to ensure you have enough shutters and hardware.)

We Are Here To Help

Kross Inspectors offers a Hurricane Preparation service in order to help relieve the stress of having to handle protecting your property.  Our team of experienced Hurricane Preparation Specialists are here to secure loose items and install hurricane protection just as soon as our area becomes a target for a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.

This service provides peace of mind to both full time and seasonal residents.  For more information and fees, please CLICK HERE.   


What do you do after the hurricane or storm has passed? 

  • BE SAFE!  Be very careful when making an assessment of damages caused by a storm:  High winds and rains can leave many hidden dangers around your property.  Use caution when touring your property for items like live electrical wires, debris with sharp edges or objects, standing water with hidden hazards, and more.  If you are not sure, STAY AWAY!  
  • Secure Your Home:  If your doors or windows have been damaged, make sure your home is continually monitored until the property is secure. This will help ward off any looters looking for an opportunity.  Make your presence known by periodically walking outside. If this is a second home and you are not here, make sure you have a licensed Home Inspector monitoring your home.

Kross Inspectors is here to help!  Our Licensed Inspectors are trained to observe damage that you may miss when making an assessment of your property.  Our post Hurricane/Storm Inspection can help you provide and accurate description of sustained damages to your property....Instantly! 

We can help you with your Hurricane Protection and Preparation Needs in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Naples, Marco Island, Sarasota, Bradenton and all of Southwest Florida.

To find out more about our Post Hurricane/Storm Inspection, CLICK HERE 



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