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There are many reasons Home Owners and Home Buyers should obtain an Insurance Inspection. From saving $$$ on Insurance premiums to simply renewing a policy, Kross Inspectors has all the bases covered. 

Insurance Inspections provided by Kross Inspectors:

1. Uniform Wind Mitigation Verification Report (Often referred to as a Wind Mitigation Inspection): The Wind Mitigation Inspection should be completed in conjunction with the Full Home Inspection in order to save time and money for the Home Buyer. The primary purpose for a Wind Mitigation Inspection is to obtain "Credits" on the Windstorm Coverage of the Homeowners Insurance Policy. Some tips for why to obtain a Wind Mitigation Inspection:

  • If the home was built prior to 2001 and has a roof that is 2001 or newer. The Wind Mitigation Inspection is often required by Insurance companies as proof of this improvement.
  • If the home has Hurricane protection installed or available (Hurricane Shutters, Impact Windows, and even specially cut and designated plywood coverings for windows/doors).
  • If the home with an older roof has been retrofitted with additional fasteners, strengthening the roof during high winds.

2. Roof Certification: A Roof Certification Inspection is often required by Insurance companies for older roofs. This Inspection determines the approximate remaining life of the roof and if there are any significant deficiencies that may make the roof uninsurable. This Inspection is typically only performed when an Insurance Underwriter makes the request.

3. Four Point Insurance Inspection: The Four Point is typically performed for houses older than 20 years. This Inspection identifies and reports on Four major components of the home for Insurance Renewal and Underwriting. This Inspection is only performed when an Insurance Underwriter requests it for issuing a new policy or renewing a policy for homes older than 20 years. In order to save our Clients time and money, our Inspectors ALWAYS gather necessary information for a Four Point Insurance Inspection Report during our initial visit on Purchase Inspections. This allows us to deliver a Four Point Insurance Report without delay and saves our Clients additional fees for return trips! :

  • Roof: The age of the roof, remaining life expectancy, and roof deficiencies are noted.
  • Electrical: Type of circuit protection installed, type of wiring, safety features installed, and any safety hazards present.
  • Plumbing: Supply type, shut off valves, distribution material, and any active leaks.
  • Heating/Cooling: Age of Heating/Cooling systems, design, fuel type, and condition of components.

No matter what your needs are with Insurance Inspections, Kross Inspectors provides the Professional assistance to help you.

We can provide you with Insurance Inspections in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Naples, Marco Island, Sarasota, Bradenton and all of Southwest Florida.

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