Welcome To Our New Online Order System! 

Kross Inspectors has partnered with KwikReports for Home Inspectors in order to improve efficiency and accuracy with your inspection orders and inspection reports! 

For a limited time, not only will we give you $50 off of our Full Home Inspection, Mold Air Quality Survey, and Chinese Drywall Inspections

Please click on the button below to proceed to our order form and submit your inspection request.  Our staff will receive your order instantly and will contact you shortly to confirm your requested inspection date and time.  By entering your inspection details on our new system, ALL of your inspection data will automatically populate in the Inspector's Mobile Report Writing Application provided by KwikReports!  This unique system also allows the Inspector to submit your report for delivery IMMEDIATELY after your inspection is complete! 

 Please click on the button below to place your order online!

Thank you for choosing Kross Inspectors! 

 To find out more about KwikReports, please visit www.kwikreports.com.

* $25 Inspection fee discount only applies to Full Home Inspection, Condo Inspection, Mold Air Quality Survey, and Chinese Drywall Inspections.