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Annual Maintenance Inspections

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One of the most important responsibilities of a home owner is to ensure certain items throughout the home receive periodic attention.  By reviewing and servicing major systems in your home, you can avoid costly repairs and also extend the useful life of expensive items like your roof, heating/cooling system, septic system, private well equipment, etc.  Kross Inspectors can help relieve the burden of this very time consuming task by performing our Annual Maintenance Inspection service.

After each of our purchase Home Inspections, our Inspectors provide a thorough walk through pointing out areas of the home requiring annual maintenance and review.  Our Annual Maintenance Inspection helps new and existing home owners keep up to date on these important tasks.  We will send you automatic reminders to schedule maintenance and cleaning for major systems, then we will schedule our Inspection to verify that these items were properly taken care of. (Protecting the consumer from being taken advantage of!)  The list below may seem overwhelming, but our streamlined process can take care of the legwork for you.  We will recommend competent and reputable companies for items requiring servicing, then we will perform the inspection of the remaining elements. We can even schedule your service appointments for your convenience!

Home Elements Requiring Annual Maintenance and/or Review:

  • Heating/Cooling System (Cleaning & Service)
  • Roof Surface (Review For Damage And Excessive Wear)
  • Roof Structure (Review For Damage And/Or Leaks)
  • Attic Inspection (Review For Pest Infestation And Damage To Ventilation/Insulation)
  • Gutters & Downspouts (Review For Debris & Damage)
  • Foundation & Exterior Walls (Review For Settlement Activity)
  • Exterior Doors & Windows (Review For Damage And Caulking/Weatherstripping)
  • Exterior Ventilation (Review Soffits, Dryer Vents, Exhaust Vents, Plumbing Stacks, etc.)
  • Exterior Shrubs & Vegetation (Review For Possible Damage To Home)
  • Driveway/Walkways (Review For Settlement And/Or Trip Hazards)
  • Septic Tanks (Review For Next Scheduled Pump-Out and Monthly Enzyme Treatment)
  • Private Well Equipment (Review For Cleaning, Damage, & Leaks)
  • Private Water Supply Testing (Test For Nitrates & Coliform Bacteria)
  • Propane Or Natural Gas Service (Test Shut Off Valves & Inspect For Damage)
  • Swimming Pool/Spa Equipment (Review For Leaks & Damage)
  • Plumbing Systems (Test Shut Off Valves, Review For Leaks, Clean Aerators, Inspect Water Heater, Etc.)
  • Electrical Systems (Test Safety Components: Arc Fault Protection, Ground Fault Protection, Etc.)
  • Counters/Sinks (Inspect For Deteriorating Caulking)
  • Interior Doors/Windows (Review For Caulking & Safety)
  • Interior Settlement (Review For Evidence Of Active Settlement)
  • Appliances (Review For Safety & Damage)
  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors (Change Batteries & Test)

Please complete the form below to receive a FREE phone consultation from one of our Inspectors about annual home maintenance.  We will provide you with an Action Plan that will help you maintain a safe and happy home.  You may also call our office at (239) 677-4403 to speak with one of our Inspectors. Staff is available daily from 8am until 8pm.  




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